Sunday, December 8, 2013

Big Sandwich ( A.K.A. Rambler Sandwich)

  Back in my home town of Winthrop, ME, the people are proud, much like any other small town. The people are especially proud of  their football, and their mascot. 

                                                                           The Rambler.
Winthrop Rambler, a school bus

Every Friday in the fall you will find most of the residents of Winthrop gathering at the football field, dressed in  green and white, rooting for their favorite school bus.  The idea came from  when Winthrop did not have sports fields of their own, and they would travel around in a frumpy old school bus. Since then the bus has has some upgrades, and stands tall. 

           But what does this have to do with a sandwich?  Well there was a local restaurant called Ned's, who  dedicated a sandwich in name of the Rambler.  A massive sandwich enough to feed a small team of people, loaded with  protein to keep them going.

It's salty, it's cheesy, it's delicious.

1 Loaf Italian bread, sliced down the middle
1/4 lb Genoa Salami*
1/4 lb Hard Salami*
1/4 lb Cooked Ham*
1/4  lb Provolone*
1/4  lb American Cheese*
1/2 lb Bacon, cooked
2 Tomatoes, sliced.
1/4 Sweet onion, thin sliced.
Pickle slices.

*All of these are sliced to standard sandwich thickness


1. Spread mustard onto bottom half of bread,  place meats one type at a time across the bread, stack remaining meats, making sure there is even distribution.

2.   Place bacon either in strips, or crumble on top of the meats,  place cheese on top of bacon.

3.  Cook lower half of the sandwich in an oven at 350º  until the cheese has just melted. Remove from oven and place pickles onto  sandwich.

4. Spread mayonnaise onto upper half of the bread, evenly distribute tomato, and onion slices.

5. Combine halves, using a large knife, slice sandwich  accordingly.

Serves 4 - 6

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