Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I'm Jess--

I've been friends with Kt since middle school and even though we live miles apart we still remain best friends. :) We enjoy long walks at Fryeburg, eating nomz, cooking (making messes), autumn, the color purple, giant spoons, OG, ranch dressing, pumpkin everything, coffee, and Zelda. We both like sharing our recipes and new cooking adventures-----as well as super yummy things we find at restaurants & stores. 

We have a million inside jokes and you might think we are weird, but we don't really care. ;) While Kt cooks for her family---Beav and her two kids, I usually cook for just myself and sometimes for my fiance (or he does the cooking, so I might post his yummy cooking too). 

I get a lot of my ideas from magazines, books, secret family recipes, Kt, instagram, & pinterest. Sometimes I just throw whatever I have in my fridge together... and make some really weird shit. Lastly, I sometimes try to copy my favorite restaurants or coffee shops--and make them for cheaper & healthier at home. :) 


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